Have you ever heard any ministry say: Stop giving us money. We have more than we need.

No, of course not. There are 101 reasons why that is the case. But rather than focusing on all those reasons, why not focus on biblically-sound possibilities? Remember the time the people of Israel were building the tabernacle and Moses had to tell them:

“No man or woman is to make anything else as an offering for the sanctuary.” And so the people were restrained from bringing more, because what they already had was more than enough to do all the work. Exodus 36:6-7

Then, of course, there’s the time Jesus took a mere five loaves and two fish and multiplied them into enough food to feed thousands of people a full, satisfying meal.  (cf. Mark 6)

Just because you’ve never seen anything like that happen for yourself does not mean it is not God’s will and not possible today. So let’s think of some ways God could provide abundant resources for our ministries and pray with a biblically-informed, Spirit-guided imagination.

Move on to the following list and turn any of the “possibilities” into a prayer by just putting it into the form of a faith-based request. Some of them may be hard to imagine, but don’t let that stop you.

•God can orchestrate an opportunity for you or others to meet wealthy people you never encountered, where one thing leads to another…

•God can speak in various ways supernaturally (dreams, visions, voice) or naturally (books, TV or movies, testimonies, emotions) that creates in people a strong desire to do new generous things with their regular income or stock-piled funds and possessions.

•God can raise up champions who are uniquely gifted to inspire, tell stories and promote causes in ways that help people care and give.

•God can inspire creative ideas and opportunities to reduce expenses or retool ministries so there is less “overhead” (i.e. what we have goes farther than ever before.)

•God can bring about community awareness to the degree that a once-hidden ministry finds itself in a favorable spotlight.

Now let your imagination go free and think of one more way God could solve a problem of “underfunded ministries.”

PRAYER: Dear Lord, as it is so often said, “You own the cattle on a thousand hills.” The problem is that people are the ranchers that corral the cattle. I can imagine numerous ways in which You can prompt, convict, bless and otherwise move people to move resources from one “corral” to another. Plus, although it is also often said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” the fact remains You can make it show up suddenly in mailboxes or even tin cans** (click here to see a story about that happening). So help me take that seriously enough to pray faithfully for Your provision. Amen.