eradication of poverty.

Poverty is not a thing. It is rather an absence of something. It is the lack of resources, opportunity and access to basic elements that are needed to prosper.

To eliminate poverty does not mean there will be no more poor people ever. Both the Old Testament, as well as Jesus said that the poor will always be present. Unfortunate circumstances will occur, unwise decisions will be made, work hampering disabilities will happen that will strip people of their opportunities to prosper.

Rather to eradicate poverty means that all people have access to meaningful chances to prosper. Now prepare to think “big” – maybe bigger than you’ve ever thought before. 

In order to think “big” we have to think inside the framework of God’s plan. The eradication of poverty may seem like a vain imagination. And it would be, except for the fact that God actually designed a plan for a whole nation of His people to eradicate poverty on a regular cycle of debt forgiveness and economic start-overs called the Year of Jubilee.

So let your imagination be inspired by this fact: You are directing your prayers toward the One who commanded poverty eradication on a large scale.

With that major affirmation in mind, start crafting prayers by imagining what it will take to accomplish God’s will in this area.

•Can you imagine God’s people choosing to stay out of or climb out of debt so that their income can be freed-up for greater financial giving?

•Can you imagine God choosing to bless those people financially who are ready to give prodigiously toward poverty relief?

•Can you imagine every stable member in your church “adopting” a person (or family) living in some kind of poverty to walk along aside them until they have every opportunity they need to rise out of poverty?

•Can you imagine businesses emerging in your locale that make it their mission to pay a living wage to their lowest level employees?

Poverty expresses itself in many forms, not all of which is financial. Addressing poverty is about creating access to what people desperately need but unfortunately lack.  However, all forms of poverty require significant amounts of money coming from either the government or generous people to address the needs.


Lord, it’s impossible to imagine the eradication of poverty without tremendous streams of new revenue flowing toward poverty relief. That would be like imagining a square circle. So let my prayers about this matter be full of faith in how wealthy people like us—in comparison to most of the world—can have our hearts and bank accounts redirected toward the needs of the poor. Start with me. Please.