hundreds of conversions.

It’s a well-known fact, and one that haunts us most of the time: The early church was incredibly fruitful. From the day of Pentecost on, hundreds and thousands of people heard the gospel message and believed in Jesus Christ. That fact also puzzles us: How did that happen? Why isn’t that happening today in our churches? Was that just a special season?

Even our most fruitful churches add believers by the ones and tens, not hundreds and thousands. Are we wrong to believe that similar fruitfulness could be happening among our churches today?

Picture your church having an influx of people who hear the gospel message and turn to Jesus. Go to the next page to imagine some ways in which that could happen.

Imagine these scenarios:

1. There’s an “out-break” of healings that God graciously grants as we pray for people.

2. A handful of people drop everything to start a major prayer effort to call upon God for revival.

3. A well-known person in our community who has lots of influence is converted and begins to speak openly about his or her new found faith in Jesus Christ.

4. Our pastor is led to preach a series of sermons and is so anointed that people are brought to a new place of surrender and commitment.

5.  In one of our services a person has the boldness to follow the Holy Spirit and make a confession or bring a word of exhortation that triggers a revival.

6.  A young child who comes to church without her parents goes home and witnesses to her family. They turn to the Lord and become so excited about their new found faith that they start bringing their friends and extended family.

It may be hard to imagine hundreds of conversions, but it’s not that hard to imagine and pray for any of these preceding scenarios. Those are the kind of events that have occasionally resulted in masses of conversions.

Go back through that list, pick out a couple you could imagine at your church and pray for that right now.