Are you struggling with prayer? Find it hard to take the time? Feel like you're not connecting with God?

Most people have the same problem. Distractions. Disappointments. Misunderstandings. All these things keep us from prayer. But don't give up. Don't lose heart.

Even though Jesus told Mary "only one thing is necessary" and...

Even though He made prayer His daily priority so much He would get up before dawn or stay up all night, and...

Even though everything He said or did so powerfully came only from that prayer relationship with His heavenly Father...

He also was very understanding of His disciples' struggle to pray and even fend off sleepiness, when He said, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

The days of guilt are over. It's time to move beyond the pulpit thumping urgency about prayer and find the motivation (I want this) and competence (I can do this) that feeds the commitment to prayer.

That's what Mary found. She started in the kitchen with her sister, preparing food for her guests. But she could hear the voice of her Lord in the other room speaking, teaching, guiding and she just had to be there. So she chose to put first things first and herself at Jesus' feet--at Mary's place.

Only one thing is necessary.
— Luke 10:42

There is a story in the Bible about two sisters who invited Jesus and His disciples into their home. Jesus was in the living room teaching, while Martha and Mary were in the kitchen doing the necessary chores of hospitality. But in time, Mary left her sister at the sink to go sit listening at Jesus' feet. That upset Martha. Eventually she complained to Jesus about her sister's unfair behavior, and appealed for His help to make her return to the kitchen where she was needed. But Jesus refused. He said Mary had made the right choice, because she was doing the only thing that was really necessary.

Let us help you put yourself in Mary's place.


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