The whole point of the creation story in Genesis 1 is not to give us a scientific account of the origin of the universe or a day by day timeline. Although, we do get some scientific insights and a sense of God’s strategic process of creation.

The whole point of the creation story is to distinguish the God of Israel from all other gods worshipped by all other people groups as the one and only true God. And how does the author do that? By declaring the affirmation that rings throughout the Old Testament. Our God is the true God because He speaks and accomplishes everythingby the power of His word.

If we really understood God accomplishes everything by the power of His word, we would:

…want to devour His Word to know it.

Lord, forgive us for failing to read and study scripture.

…never risk failing to obey His Word.

Lord, forgive us for all the excuses we make for disobeying things You clearly say in scripture.

…never make decisions without seeking counsel through scripture.

Lord, forgive us for seeking counsel from so many other sources of advice before we turn to You, if we do at all.

…bring every need for change under the influence of the power of God’s word.

Lord, forgive us for turning to You only after everything else we rely on for help or improvement has not worked.

…“remain” in Jesus, so that His words remain in us when we pray.

Lord, forgive us for failing to spend time simply being in Your presence, caring more about our concerns than You.

…learn to pray according to and even using God’s written words.

Lord, forgive us for using the excuse that we don’t know what to pray when your Word gives us all the cues we need.

…trust and seek God’s Spirit to help us pray words that come from His heart and mind.

Lord, forgive us for doubting Your desire to help us and simply filling our prayers up with our own words.

…eagerly accept our role as God’s will-enacting partners through speaking His words in prayer.

Lord, forgive us for leaving so much of Your will unfulfilled because we fail to partner with You in prayer.

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. John 15:7
PRAYER: Lord, Your Word is powerful. Scripture tells us that it is alive and active. Therefore, if I take time to be close to You and in Your Word it will be activated not only in my own life but also in the lives for whom I am praying.

But Lord, you know how I am prone to do things on my own and not be in the Word. Then when I do pray, too often my prayers are merely words I have crafted, coming out of my own wisdom, and they often fall powerlessly at my feet. Forgive me for my neglect. May the Word of God dwell in me richly as I draw close to You. Amen.

(Now repeat this prayer for your church changing all the pronouns to plural forms.)