Choosing Mary's Place

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Choosing Mary's Place

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Most followers of Jesus Christ admit they struggle to pray like they want to and know they should. They often beat themselves up over it. But Jesus never does. He understands, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." The physical realities of life distract us and keep us from spending the time with Jesus we want to. Do you want to fix that problem? Finally, here's a proven path to the prayer-centered life that you can follow.

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Do you struggle to have a consistent prayer-life? Recognize the voice of God? See things accomplished through prayer? 

Have you wondered whether your prayers are “getting through”?

 Choosing Mary’s Place is for you.

 Mary’s Place was founded to help people reorient their busy lives around prayer and the Word of God. The name comes from the biblical story of two sisters who intended to spend time with Jesus. Martha got busy and distracted by responsibilities. Mary chose to connect with Jesus, sit at His feet and listen. That was Mary’s place. Now you can put yourself in Mary’s Place, too.

 The Choosing Mary’s Place guidebook presents Biblical discoveries that will increase your sense of urgency, motivation, competence and determination regarding prayer. Then it guides you through a unique reorientation process that provides tools to help you define your longing for God, eliminate distractions, and create a God-directed reorientation plan that will actually help you succeed in having a consistent prayer life.

 Of course, you can use the guidebook on your own. But we recommend going through it with a small group. With the help of a specially designed Leaders Guide a group can cover the ground in only 8-9 weeks.

 Better yet, why not bring a Mary’s Place guide to your group for an exciting, custom-made seminar to get the ball rolling.

To get more information about small groups and seminars contact us at for all the options.